September 20, 2011

Choosing Diamond Shapes

If you are thinking of all the diamonds were the same, you might be surprised by the liberal amount of diamonds that are available in market, most of jeweler offer at least nine types of shapes, such as:

•    Round diamonds
•    Emerald diamonds
•    Heart diamonds
•    Princess cut diamonds
•    Pear diamonds
•    Radiant diamonds
•    Asscher diamonds
•    Marquis diamonds
•    Oval diamonds

Difference between Diamond Shapes and Diamond Cut:

Choosing the shape of your diamond is amongst the main elements in figuring out the general appearance of your ring or other diamond jewelry. There are plenty of shapes and fluctuations from which to pick, but first off do not confuse “shape” with “cut”. A diamond’s shape is just: the outward appearance of the stone, whether it is round, oval, Princess, heart and so on. While the cut of a diamond refers to how the artisan maximizes the features of the gemstone by creating angles and details, making the light go into the diamond and bounce back in the most brilliant way possible.

Most Popular engagement diamonds

While there are a variety of diamond shapes available Like Round Diamonds, Princess cut diamonds and many more. Round diamond is best option for engagement ring diamonds. Round diamonds are considered the "classic engagement ring" and the stones are often set in yellow gold or platinum. In fact, any form of diamond that everything is considered a "fantasy" form, as the round diamond is so popular for engagement diamonds. Other considerations for selecting diamond shapes for rings should be based on the size of a woman’s hand.  If she has long, slender fingers, can elegantly wear a pear shaped diamond, marquis, or oval shape.

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